What is Hand Analysis?

An Introduction to Modern Hand Analysis…

Unlike traditional palmistry modern hand analysis is a non-predictive system that can provide insights into the areas of our lives where we will find our greatest strengths and talents, as well as the challenges that we are here to meet and work with in order to realise them.

Essentially there are three elements to the information that is available in our hands. These are the skin ridge patterns (fingerprints) that comprise the surface of the skin on our hands, the palmar creases, or the lines which are etched into the skin on our hands, and the overall shape of the hand, fingers and thumbs.

The skin ridge patterns are fully formed on the body 16 weeks after conception and remain the same throughout our life. In recent years, studies have produced evidence to suggest that these skin ridge formations contain information relating to our genetic make-up which indicates that they have the potential to provide us with information relating to the deepest most fundamental aspect of ourselves. This aligns perfectly with recent discoveries in hand analysis that have found that these skin ridge patterns can be translated to provide information relating to the state of being or consciousness we are here to progress in this lifetime that was determined prior to birth. This soul agenda comprises our souls’ ambition for this lifetime, which is to reach our highest potential or life purpose, along with confronting and working with our greatest challenges, or life lessons, which is a necessary requirement for us to fulfil our highest potential. Progressing on this path remains with us throughout our lives and is always, to some degree, “a work in progress” regardless of how advanced we become on that path.

The other features of the hand, the lines and the shape, provide us with a different level of information. These features are related specifically to our personality and reflect how well we are responding to the call of our soul agenda. It is now known that our hands have a direct correlation to our brain. Recent studies have found that neural pathways in our brain are formed by the repeated behaviours and habits that we adopt in our lives and, due to the many thousands of nerves that link the hands directly to our brains, it is believed that the character in the lines and shape of our hands are a reflection of this network of neural pathways. So you could liken these markers in our hands to a map of the habits and behaviours that shape our personalities and, consequently, our life circumstances. As hand analysts we can use these features as a barometer that can be used to measure how we are progressing towards our highest potential. Understanding this information helps us to become aware of the life scale challenges that we are here to meet and how, by consciously working with them, they can lead us to achieve our highest potential, that state of being we were born to inhabit in this lifetime.

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