These offerings are designed to give you the education and clarity to take your life to the next level

If you’re interested in having a reading I have 4 standard readings available:

Soul Agenda – Discovery Session

Discover where you’ll find your greatest fulfilment, or where you’ll encounter your greatest challenges as shown in the fingerprints.

20 minutes – £30

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Soul Agenda – Deep Dive Session.

We discuss the entire fingerprint chart. We look at what the fingerprints represent and how this impacts on your life. We will identify where you will encounter your greatest challenges and how by doing so you can begin a process of self development that can lead you to reach your highest potential.


30 minutes – £50

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The Personality and How You’re Doing.

In this reading we will discuss the lines and the shape of your hands which are related to the personality and our habits and behaviours. We will discuss what progress you’re making towards fulfilling your soul agenda and how the influences indicated by these markers show up in your life, the decisions you make and their outcomes.

30 minutes – £50

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Full Reading.

In this reading we bring together all the above by looking at the fingerprints, the lines and the shape of the hands, and discuss them as an interconnected whole that will help you to understand yourself and your life circumstances.

1 hour – £80

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I’m happy to do bespoke readings. These could include group readings, couples or individual readings tailored to suit your needs e.g. if you have any specific areas in your life that you would like to explore from a hand analysis perspective. I am also happy to do follow up readings if required. If you wish to discuss any of these options further please contact me.