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I’ve always had a strong sense that there was more to life than meets the eye, and it was this “sense” that led me to discover hands and what they had to tell us.

dave clarke hand analyst

When I was in my late teens, I was browsing the shelves in the mind, body and spirit section in a local bookshop one day when I came across a book called “The Palmistry Workbook, understanding the art of psychological hand analysis.” I had heard of palmistry but thought it was all about gypsy fortune tellers in fairgrounds reading hands and predicting future events in people’s lives. Other than that I didn’t really know much about it, and as a grounded and sceptical individual I struggled to give much consideration to anything that claimed to predict future events. But what intrigued me about this book was the sub heading which was “understanding the art of psychological hand analysis.” This looked interesting because I knew that psychology was a respected science and that gave it some credibility. While looking through the book I found that the way the book had been written and presented portrayed palmistry as a serious subject. So I purchased it. When I read it I found it to be absolutely fascinating. In fact it opened my eyes to a subject that has occupied my thoughts at some point practically every day since. Consequently I became very interested in hands, and over time realised that the hands really did have something relevant and meaningful to say about us humans.

Professionally I’ve spent most of my life working in a career based around managing land for nature conservation and biodiversity. I have a deep appreciation of the natural world and believe that it’s essential for us to live in harmony with the earth and all the creatures that occupy this wonderful planet, not only for our material existence, but more importantly for our mental and spiritual well being. Because the work I did required me to engage with the people that had a stake in the land I managed, for years I regularly met, and developed close working relationships with, many people from all walks of life.

Never being quite sure of the response I would get if I asked the people that I met if I could read their hands, I used to study people’s hands from afar, only physically reading the hands of interested friends and family. With the little knowledge I possessed at the time I didn’t always know how to interpret what I saw. But what I did see led me to an awareness that everybody’s hands are different in some subtle and not so subtle ways, and that these differences have something to say about the internal landscape in every one of us.

Some years later I felt that I wanted to learn more about hands. So in 2010 I signed up for a short course of intensive study with the International Institute of Hand Analysis. This training enabled me to take a huge leap forward in my knowledge of the information contained in the hands and set me on a course of study that is still ongoing.

In that same year, due to the global financial crisis that occurred a couple of years earlier, I was threatened with redundancy from my job. So my wife and I decided to make some fundamental changes which resulted in starting a new life on an island off the west coast of Scotland. Now, over a decade later we are still here.

Currently, my day job in the summer is skippering boats taking tours around the islands, and in the winter I do maintenance on the boats that I work on in the summer. I read hands as a sideline, and I do distance readings for many of my clients. Prior to the outbreak of Covid 19 and the resulting lockdown, I was regularly hiring a table at fairs and shows across Scotland and offering live readings. When I first started doing these shows I didn’t think there would be much interest, but how wrong I was. From when the doors opened to when the doors closed people queued for a reading at every event I have done. Such is the accuracy and the power of the system that I use.

Due to the lockdown I have recently had more time on my hands than ever before which has presented me with the opportunity to develop my business as a hand analyst. This is quite a challenge for me as I have always worked at a job, and the jobs I have done have mostly been outside. So sitting here indoors with my laptop writing this is tricky as I feel I’m missing out by not being out and about. This is particularly challenging when the sun is shining, which isn’t that often on the west coast of Scotland!

However, I find hands and what they have to say about us so interesting it’s no real hardship. What’s more, learning about hands has profoundly deepened my interest in people. So if me sitting here working on my website means I can reach out to those with an enquiring mind and provide them with an opportunity to get their hands read and discover their life purpose and how to work towards better understanding their life and the path they are on it’ll be worth every minute. Because learning about what is written in your hands can be one of the most important things you’ll ever do.

May you be well and happy.


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